Are these people boasting about abusing workers?

These people are on all the bus stop signs in Brisbane and Melbourne at the moment and since my last post on Nerida’s concern about the true cost of cheap fashion, I feel like these guys are blatantly screaming “Look at us, we rip off vulnerable garment workers, use harmful chemicals and dump mountains of textiles in landfill.”

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One Response to Are these people boasting about abusing workers?

  1. B. Magnuson says:

    My comment kind of relates to the content in this post and the one relating to the article in The Age, but did you happen to catch The Age from the weekend just passed? They had a very interesting article about clothes shopping on a budget. My favourite part was that one of the people interviewed about their purchases, who claimed they liked buying quality clothing that lasted, was sporting a lovely $6 short from a major department store chain…
    As a more general comment, keep up the good work! You’re pretty much on the forefront of sustainable fashion in Australia. There seems to be very little to date in terms of this type of research being done in an Australian context.

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