Just when I thought I was starting to get my head around some theories…

…Bourdieu makes sure it doesn’t go to my head… ‘the philosophical sense of distinction is another form of the visceral disgust at vulgarity which defines pure taste as an internalized social relationship, a social relationship made flesh; and a philosophically distinguished reading of the Critique of Judgement cannot be expected to uncover the social relationship of distinction at the heart of a work that is rightly regarded as the very symbol of philosophical distinction.’ (1984, p. 500).

from: rayartcenter.org

from: rayartcenter.org










For someone who made a career out of academia he does not paint it in a very flattering light. So if, as he thinks, trying to understand the social world is nothing more than a thinly disguised attempt show off intellectual prowess, I guess I’ll take my head to the pub to drink humble beer instead. Happy anti-intellectual Friday!


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