Inventory of items on Kochi Beach

Kochi, formerly Cochin, was my first stop in India. I arrived late and woke to unexpected quiet. Preconceptions of bustling, burly India were subverted by a solar-panel corruption strike. Wandering the empty backstreets I ended up on a nearly deserted beach. It was covered in all sorts of fascinating objects, so I started an inventory.

Cochin beach

Incandescent light bulbs, unbroken: 3
Single thongs in various states of disrepair: 57
Plant matter (kg est): 988
Roma tomatoes, firm but ripe: 0.5
Red onion: 1
Goat carcass: 1
Glass bottles with lids: 14
Glass bottles without lids: 38
Plastic bottles: 21
Messages in bottles: 0
Boys teaching pet dogs to swim: 14
White Labradors resisting swimming lessons: 2
Coconut hulls: 67
Spent WD40 cans: 1
Petrol cans, with lids: 9
Miscellaneous lids: 72
Empty laundry liquid packet: 1
Plastic laundry basket, unbroken: 1
Unidentifiable plastic particles: 6,347
Styrofoam, assorted chunks: 5,217
Lolly wrappers: 245
Funeral sari: 1
Colombo crows: 7
Oversized seagulls: 19
Spare rickshaw parts, rusted: 33
Scooter seat cover, some water damage: 1

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