Field notes from being human

I want to have a conversation with someone, not the social script. One can only ever interact with the script. We are inaccessible. The script is always already there. The script subsumes.

Talk about how busy you are.

Tell people how things affect you. Defend identity with life. Attack identities that jeopardise yours. Border security. Create identity in difference with the other. Substitue solidarity with shallow compassion. Criticize the other at every opportunity. In the name of trying to understand difference. Scripted.

Family. Partners, friends: scriptulous social value.

Struggles. Fighting diseases. How I overcame… struggle with cancer, being bullied at school, the death of a loved one. Follow the script.

Eating. Relationship with food. Weird masquerading as normal. Normal masquerading as normal. Normal is relative.

Sport. Run a marathon. Individualisation of wellbeing.

Things: computers, apartments, not having things, I just want a nice suit and that’s enough for me.  ‘This old thing? It’s just from H&M I don’t usually shop there but they are good for basics’ Yes that’s flattering, how to get a bikini body? Wear a bikini. Resistance.


Beautiful people. Credible.

Religion. Free shot.

Critiquing somnambulist following of socially acceptable scripts is still following scripts.

Wake up! Haraway’s trickster.

Standing on the shoulders of giants. Scripts as short cuts for greater reflexivity. As long as you discard the raft once you cross the river.

Truth? Resonance? Reflexivity? Scripted.

Materiality – scripted? Light – wave particle duality. Materiality of light. Realism constructivism. Particles are heterogeneous. Post humanities ontology: the world and ourselves, we are co-construing us with semiotics. Relational ontology. Quasi objects. Quasi subject positions. Long live Barad.

(Pre)scripted materiality – asymmetry of access to the physical through layers of discourse. Laclau’s discourse is more ontological than relational ontology, materiality is part of discourse (thank you Liv). Hegemony is produced in different contexts. Power aspect lost in post-humanities research – the focus on ontology and using the right language, the right scripts = self-referencing analysis. We are operating in a scripted vacuum. Who said that? Did I?


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