Beyoncé dances nearly naked on beach

I’ve been wanting to post this since December. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Most of me wants to dismiss it as the music industry sexualising yet another female artist. But it’s one of my top played songs. I’ve asked my friends and the first reaction is mostly ‘oh great, another nearly naked singer, what happened to feminism?’ Am I a misogynist pervert? Possibly, I have no idea why I find this video irresistible.

Is it because Beyoncé is a beautiful woman celebrating part of her life with her partner of more than ten years and father of her child? Is it that, nearly perfect body aside, her flaws are unedited? Is it because she seems to be having so much fun? Is it the way she makes you feel somehow included?

Usually when I see music videos it makes me feel like doing infinity sit-ups, wearing a paper bag over my head and never eating again. Watching this makes me want to go dancing on the beach.

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