I’m a PhD candidate at Lund University in Sweden, originally from Australia. My research interests are in sustainable consumption, everyday life, routine, laundry and water. I love to share ideas and talk about the world, please get in touch if you do as well.


Publications (email me if you would like a PDF)

Should there be more showers at the summer music festival? Studying the contextual dependence of resource consuming conventions and lessons for sustainable tourism. (With Russell Hitchings and Alison Browne)

Cleanliness and consumption: Exploring material and social structuring of domestic cleaning practices

Laundry routine and resource consumption in Australia

Nobody was dirty: Intervening in inconspicuous consumption of laundry routines

Nobody was dirty: Cultural exhibitions as societal transition tools


Masters Thesis (open access)

Nobody was dirty: disrupting inconspicuous consumption in laundry routines